Polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid elastomer application

Glincoat can apply a range of proven elastomer products on site and in remote locations, in compliance with safe procedures, ensuring product performance to properties and specifications as published by the manufacturers.


Industrial painting

Glincoat can apply industrial paint to client and product manufacturers’ specifications. Glincoat is the preferred contractor for brands such as Dulux, Era Polymers, GCP Applied Technologies and Australian Urethane Systems.


Wet and dry abrasive blasting

Using the latest Dustless Blasting system, Glincoat offers on site/remote abrasive blasting services.


Ultra-high pressure water jetting

Glincoat offers up to 40,000psi water jetting for surface preparation, hydro demolition and cold cutting.


Concrete crack injection and control joints

Hydrophilic and hydrophobic crack injection, utilising polymer technology. Epoxy crack injection systems also available.


Shot blasting

Glincoat offers Blastrac’s largest walk-behind shot blaster, as well as the smallest, for all types of on site surface preparation or coatings removal.


Concrete grinding and scarifying

Glincoat offers the full range of concrete preparation and coatings removal, from domestic to industrial requirements.


Sprayed and injected foam

Glincoat provides foam application services including spraying and injecting.


Coatings inspections

Glincoat director Alan Glindemann currently holds a Nace 1 coatings inspection certificate and continues his training to progress to higher Nace accreditations.


Workshop facilities

Glincoat’s well equipped workshop offers a 7m x 4m x 3m spray booth for abrasive cleaning and painting, as well as a wide variety of other associated services. Glincoat is based at Underwood, on Brisbane’s southside.