Glincoat Protective Coatings apply a range of sprayed-on Polyurethane / Polyurea and Hybrid elastomers that provide a flexible and tenacious bond to metals, wood, concrete and fibreglass substrates.

With high pressure, impingment-mix dispensing equipment, truck mounted, our company can apply a range of proven elastomer products on site and in remote locations, in compliance with safe procedures ensuring product performance to properties and specifications as published by the manufacturers.

Elastomers remain flexible from -40 deg.C to 160 deg.C and provide excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, corrosion and chemicals.

Coatings can be applied in thickness from 2mm to over 50mm, if required, including vertical and overhead surfaces and the seamless membrane can be handled or walked on within 30 seconds of application.

Drying to the touch within 10 seconds, it provides full and unrestricted use within 24 hours or less and the products can stretch to accommodate expansion and contraction of the substrate without adhesion loss.

Physical properties demonstrate a tensile strength from 1500 to 6600 psi and 70+ “shore” hardness to allow application in harsh environments such as the mining, civil construction and transport industries.

The elastomer coatings are 100% solids by weight and volume, containing no solvents or styrene which makes this product suitable for potable water transfer and storage as well as many applications in the food processing industries.

In total cost analysis, factoring asset protection, life span and minimal down-time in application, Polyurethane and Polyurea elastomers provide the most cost effective solution for protection of most forms of plant, equipment and building substrates.